How to choose a suitable color temperature for your lighting?

Light globe manufacturers are providing a range of color temperature for their products. What is color temperature?

Color temperature (K) is the nature of visible lights that has great importance in hospitality, medical, agriculture, aquatic, film, media and photography industries.


Different spectrums of color temperature, interestingly, generate variety of mood in the room:

Warm White – up to 3000K
The light is warm and comfortable, and it is usually found in hospitality and home application, to promotes relax and inviting atmosphere

Cool White – 3100K to 4500K
Energizing light, used widely in trade and office buildings to enhance productivity

Daylight/ Cool Daylight – 4600K to 6500K
Robust and crisp light, that is best for display light or high security areas

A typical colour temperatures are also found in aquatic applications:

White Actinic – 10.000K
Resembles light characteristics in marine water, functionally helps to fortify the maturation of coral and assist in the photosynthesis process

Blue - Actinic
Emits light that derives from blue colour spectrum, and it is used to replicate the deep water environment

White Blue Light - 10.000K – 20.000K
This color temperature is used to mimics conditions in deeper sea water