PLF CFL Lights

The PLF CFL is in many ways a traditional lightbulb wrapped up to be different. From the outside, it looks much like any other lightbulb. Inside, however, it has been modified to contain a compact, high-quality fluorescent tube that produces a very warm colour temperature of 3000k and more. These lamps offer a very warm white. This kind of warm light is thought to increase productivity and well-being and so is ideal for work or study environments.

Why are PLF CFL Lights So Popular?

PLF CFL Lights are compact fluorescent lamps.

This is a more durable alternative to regular CFLs. They have a longer life expectancy than standard CFLs, which can be measured in decades, not years. They also have an increased light output and are capable of lasting in temperatures up to 35°C. These compact fluorescent light bulbs also don't need fragile and easily breakable ballasts and their thin design makes them easier to fit. You may use it in many light fixtures or lighting products. By explaining the benefits of these CFLs not just in comparison to regular CFLs, but also to the standard incandescent bulb that they replace, one may explain why it is better to buy this new, long-lasting energy savings light bulb.

Here at Lightonline, we offer the widest range of products from leading global and national brands, such as Osram, Philips, CLA, GE and more.

Here is a list of some of the best non-lamp UVs on the market today!

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