PLS CFL Lights

When you're looking for a compact fluorescent light (CFL), you'll want to make sure you're getting the best product for your money. The Philips PL-S Compact Fluorescent Lamp is a great option because it has all the features you need from a CFL.

The PL-S Compact Fluorescent Lamp is designed with an integrated plug–pull base, which means no more fumbling around with extra parts or having to buy new lights that are compatible with your current setup. Plus, with 4 pins on its base, the PL-S Compact Fluorescent Lamp is compatible with most electronic gear and can be plugged in directly or pulled out as needed.

The bridge technology used in these lamps ensures excellent performance and high efficacy—meaning more light for less energy use! You might also be interested in these other options.


We Sell Philips Master Compact Fluorescent 9W PL-S 4000K 2G7 with 4 Pins

The PLS Compact Fluorescent Lamp like a Philips Master Compact Fluorescent with 4 Pins is a specialist light source that is highly versatile. The PLS Fluorescent Lamp is a cost and energy-efficient lighting solution.  This light source operates on external control gear, thereby extending the lifespan of the bulb.

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