What is LED lighting?


What is LED lighting?

LED is a light-emitting diode (LED) based product that is fixed into a light bulb for use in lighting sources. They utilize less energy than CFLs, and many lighting brands claim LEDs last 20,000 to 50,000 hours. That is around 18 to 46 years when used three hours a day. LEDs light up instantly, even in sub-zero temperatures, and lifespan is not affected by regularly turning them on and off. Some of the LED light bulbs are dimmable and can replicate the ambiance of old incandescent bulbs.

Benefits in using LED lighting

In the recent days, with the significant price drops of LED lights, they've become the best lighting alternative over other lighting technologies on the market. Let’s look at few major benefits of LED lighting here.

  • LED light bulbs are 90 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Available in a variety of colour temperatures
  • Not sensitive to cold environments
  • Produce next to no heat or UV emissions
  • Available in dimmable variants
  • Able to withstand heavy vibrations and rough handling due to the lack of a sensitive filament
  • Can be cycled on and off frequently without shortening the lifespan
  • Longest average life expectancy of all incandescent replacements, lasting up to 25 to 50 times longer

Comparing LED lights lifespan with other technologies

Long lifetime stands out as the number one benefit of LED lights. LED bulbs and diodes have an outstanding operational lifetime expectation. Lighting diodes emit lower output levels over a very long period of time and become less bright, while LEDs maintain their original brightness throughout their lifespan. In the long term, this continuous lumen will add up to the economic benefits, reflecting on energy bills. Let's compare various lighting technologies with LED lighting.

Incandescent Halogen CFL LED
Average lifespan 1,000 hours 4,000 hours 10,000 hours 25,000 hours
Watts used 60W 35W 14W 10W
Bulb lifetime in years @ 6 hours/day 0.46 1.83 4.6 11.4
Comparison based on 6 hours use per day (43,800 hours over 20 yrs)

Alternate lighting technologies

Incandescent Light bulbs

Incandescent lights are your inexpensive, tried-and-true light sources. However, they are very energy-inefficient compared to newer fluorescent or LED lights, and as you may have noticed, they don’t last very long. Perhaps the most popular incandescent light bulb is a 60-watt bulb with a medium base, which is typically used in a ceiling fan or lamp. Due to government regulations, you are no longer able to easily purchase standard incandescent globes in the market.

Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen lights are most popular in landscape lighting or automotive headlights. They produce bright, far-reaching light, and they also tend to emit a lot of heat. They are often used as outdoor reflector bulbs or infrared lights in heat lamps.

Fluorescent & Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lights are often made in a tube shape and used in commercial ceiling fixtures. Sometimes, fluorescent tubes are also used residentially in kitchens or garages. Since fluorescent lights are much more energy-efficient than incandescent lights, compact fluorescent lights have been made to replace them. Fluorescent lights come in special plug-in styles too, which are usually used commercially or outdoors.

Benefits & Advantages of energy efficient LED Lighting

Although not everyone has made that shift from CFL's to LED light bulbs, but in the long run it's expected that many will convert to LED due to it's numerous benefits. This concept of LED lights came into being with intent to help the environment - but in the past few years, there are several other factors that have contributed to the increase in demand. More and more people are on the lookout for quality LED bulbs that would not only give ample lighting but save on power and longevity too.

Long lasting in life and lumen:

The very first thing that makes up the most impressive benefit of using an LED bulb is that it consumes less power compared to other fixtures, and thus will help one save on the power bills. Another benefit that is making those go green initiatives take new shape is that LED fixtures do not emit anything that is harsh on the environment, no UV rays, no heat and no toxic elements. An LED bulb purchased from Light Online would stay in that perfect working condition for around 10 to 11 years. If we take a rough estimate, an LED bulb lasts at least 7 to 8 times longer than those traditional lighting fixtures such as CFLs.


Safety is yet another feature adding to the advantage & benefits of LED bulbs. There is not much heat generated therefore it is not prone to burns and fires, thus making these bulbs safe to use. 

LED bulbs are far more durable and rugged as compared to other lighting options and this clearly states that these are easy to manage and maintain. The light comes from a tiny chip that is enclosed in a solid casing that has the ability to withstand shocks, vibrations and even extreme climatic conditions.

Energy saving and carbon footprint:

If high electricity bills and the detrimental carbon footprint are a concern for you, LED is the way to go. Replacing old bulbs with LED will quickly help with both the presented issues.

LED’s produce far less heat and UV, use up to 70% less energy than traditional lights, and last longer. Less replacement’s means less carbon produced in their manufacturing – and a lower electricity bill for you.

Buying Considerations for LED Light Bulbs

The points below will help when coming to choose the right bulb to buy.

  • Colour Temperature: Homeowners aren't limited to single Colour when coming to purchase a LED bulb. The Colour of the majority of light bulbs will be white, and can add a smooth vibe to a room. Furthermore, Yellow lights can be helpful as well, as they don't pull in insects as much as their white counterparts. Here you may find the guide to choose right colour temperature.

  • Dimmable: Although not all LED bulbs will be dimmable as far as their brightness, those that are offer an awesome approach to control the ambience of a room. They can also help save energy when used at lower levels, thus extending the bulb’s lifespan.

  • Buy Spares: Although LED's keep going for quite a while, a few brands might slightly overstate their genuine lifespan. Bulbs can expire at the worst of times, and there is nothing worse than not having a replacement on hand.

  • Base and Size: A vital viewpoint to consider is the base kind of the bulb itself, and subsequently how it fits into an attachment. The size measurements are likewise crucial to comprehend and get just before resolving to buy. Directions can be found from online sources how to locate the right fit.

Utilizing LightOnline to Buy LED Light Bulbs

At the point when coming to utilize LightOnline to discover and make an offer on LED light bulbs, utilize our blog section in this area to help with the process.

Search & Filter

Making a search is generally quite simple when on the LightOnline home page. The most relevant light bulbs for general consumers will be listed within the Menu section, where from here, select the Lighting. From the left-hand side of the page, choose the Light Bulbs base and colour temperature and other similar options to filter further.

Read the Description

When an appropriate bulb has been found, read the details that are provided with it, so you know exactly what you are committing to buy. Contacting the support is perfectly fine if you are not sure about a bulb’s dimension or lighting potential.


Light emitting diodes have become an extremely popular bulb for lights in many homes over Australia due to their lesser wattage, extended duration and cheaper cost in the long run. Although they last longer than other types of bulbs, they will generally suffer no deterioration in performance.

Shop around to find the best prices for the desired type of light bulb. LightOnline has plenty of LED light bulbs listed from different brands at affordable pricesAlso we provide a secure payment option for all our customers for their lighting needs.


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