GU10 Globes

GU10 globes are a type of light bulb that is commonly used in spotlights and downlights. They have two pins on the base that twist and lock into the socket. GU10 globes are available in a variety of wattages, colours, and beam angles.


GU10 LED globes are a great upgrade from traditional halogen GU10 bulbs as they are much more energy efficient, last longer, and are often brighter. GU10 LED globes are a popular choice for various lighting applications. When shopping for GU10 bulbs, opt for GU10 LED globes. As LED lights tend to be brighter, offering up to 80% more energy efficiency and lasting up to 10 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs.

Things to consider when choosing GU10 LED globes:

  • Wattage: The wattage of a GU10 LED globe determines its brightness. Look for the lumen output (lm) for an accurate measure of brightness.
  • Colour: Choose from warm white, cool white, or daylight options depending on the desired atmosphere.
  • Beam angle: Narrow for spot lighting, wide for general lighting.
  • Dimmability: Select dimmable options for creating different lighting moods.

The GU10 globe is a common spotlight or downlight bulb with two pins at the base for twisting and locking into place. They come in various wattages, beam angles, and colours, with LED being the most energy-efficient option.

GU10 bulbs are spotlights with a twist-lock base, ideal for directional lighting. LED panels are flat, multi-LED fixtures for general room lighting. Here's a quick comparison:

  • Form: GU10 - Spotlight bulb, LED Panel - Flat, wide light source
  • Use: GU10 - Focused lighting, LED Panel - Room lighting
  • Installation: GU10 - Easy replacement in existing sockets, LED Panel - More involved mounting
  • Price: GU10 - Generally cheaper, LED Panel - More expensive

No, GU10 LED bulbs are not being phased out. In-fact, it's the opposite. There has been a phasing out of older, less efficient lighting options like halogen GU10 bulbs. This happened in the European Union in 2016 and is being considered in Australia. As LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient option for GU10 fittings, they are becoming increasingly popular and the dominant bulb type for this fitting.

Yes, LED bulbs are perfect replacements for GU10 halogen bulbs. LEDs are more energy efficient, last longer, and are cooler than halogen bulbs. Just ensure the LED is dimmable if you need dimming and choose the right lumens for desired brightness.

When purchasing GU10 LED globes, ensure compatibility with your light fixture and consider factors like lumen output, colour, beam angle, and dimmability.

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