T8 Fluorescent Tube Lights

T8 denotes the thickness of the Fluorescent tube. The 8 stands for eight-eights of an inch (2.54cm). T8 is the most common size of the Fluorescent family. The predecessor to the T8 is the T12. Both of them use the same medium bi pin base (G13).

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High Efficiency T8 Fluorescent Tubes: Brilliance Meets Sustainability

Light up your space with LightOnline's High Efficiency T8 Fluorescent Tubes. Discover the perfect balance of brightness and energy conservation in our advanced tubes, designed to transform any environment with superior lighting. Explore our exclusive collection now at LightOnline.com.au and make a sustainable choice for efficient illumination.

Our High Efficiency T8 Fluorescent Tubes redefine lighting norms by combining innovative design with remarkable energy efficiency. Crafted to provide unparalleled illumination while minimizing energy consumption, these tubes are the perfect choice for a variety of applications, ranging from residential settings to commercial establishments.

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