Light Bulbs and Globes

Forget dusty bulbs and flickering flames, today's light bulbs, globes, and lighting options are a dazzling constellation of possibilities.

Here's a breakdown of the different types of light bulbs and globes:

Incandescent Bulbs:

Think of incandescent bulbs as the granddads of lighting, radiating warmth with their glowing filaments. While charming, they're not the most efficient, converting precious energy into heat, not light. Think cozy evenings, but shorter lifespans. Heat lamps are widely used in industrial, farm, restaurant, kitchen, and bathroom areas. Shop from our wide selection of infrared heat lamp globes.

Halogen Light Bulbs:

Imagine a halogen light bulb as the incandescent bulb, infused with the power of halogen gas! This offspring shines brighter, lasts longer, and boasts a crisper, whiter light. Picture track lighting and focused desk lamps bathing your space in cool, invigorating beams.

CFL or Compact Fluro Light:

CFL or Compact Fluro Lights mercury-filled marvels are the energy ninjas of the group. They convert way more energy into light, lasting much longer than their old-school counterparts. But be patient, they take a moment to warm up and might not like dimming the mood. Still, their adaptability to shapes and colors makes them versatile players.

LED Lights:

The undisputed champions of efficiency and endurance. LED lights are like tiny light engines, converting most energy into light and lasting for tens of thousands of hours. They paint with a vast palette of colors, dim effortlessly, and are kind to your wallet and the planet. The initial cost might be higher but think of it as an investment in long-term brightness and savings. Light Online provides a comprehensive selection of quality LED lighting products, including MR16 LED globes, downlights, LED tubes, candle globes, LED panels, LED strip lights and more.

Choosing Your Champion:

Energy Star: For minimal energy bills, LEDs rule the galaxy.
Lifespan Legends: LEDs and CFLs outshine others in the longevity race.
Lumen: Choose the right brightness (lumens) based on your needs, from spotlight intensity to gentle ambiance.
Color Temperature: Set the mood with color temperature. Warm tones create cozy corners, while cool tones energize spaces.
Cost: While LEDs have a higher initial cost, their long life and energy savings make them cost-effective heroes in the long run.

Now that you understand this, you can easily discover the world of light bulbs & globes. You can also light up your area with the perfect lighting option. So, go forth, explore, and let your creativity shine!

How to choose your light bulb and globe? - Quick Guide
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