Halogen Light, Bulbs and Globes

At LightOnline our halogen light, bulbs, and globes encompass a diverse range of lighting solutions, each tailored to specific needs and settings. With our specialised globes, bulbs, and lamps, you can enjoy the benefits of halogen without the hassle and cost, while also saving on your energy bill.

Halogen Lights, energy-efficient Globes, Lamps, and Linear Lamps

Shop online today with confidence from the classic and energy-efficient GLS Halogen Lights to the elegant and dimmable Candle Halogen Lights, there's a halogen type for every mood and aesthetic.

GLS halogen bulbs are Convertible Halogen Lights that provide versatility, while Reflector Halogen Lights offer focused illumination. PAR Halogen Lights are PAR bulbs, incandescent, tungsten-halogen, metal halide lamps. Perfect for accentuating objects or architectural details.

Rangehood Halogen Lights enhance kitchen visibility, and Linear Halogen Lights provide a sleek, elongated glow.

G9 Halogen Lights are compact and versatile, JD Halogen Lights offer directional brilliance, and JDD Halogen Lights excel in handling heat.

BT Halogen Lights are an efficient choice, while Fancy Round Halogen Lights add a touch of style to any fixture.

JCD Halogen Lights create a spotlight effect, and G9 Halogen Oven Lights are tailored for kitchen appliances, ensuring culinary brilliance.

Projector light bulbs ideal for projector lamps replacement of various brands and model.

In sum, halogen globes provide a multitude of lighting solutions to suit your unique requirements.


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