Incandescent Bulbs

Are you shopping for light bulbs? At LightOnline we have wide range of incandescent bulbs for your home, office, and vehicle, including super-bright light bulbs for brighter illumination. They're also ideal for use in growing plants indoors or as a night-time reading light because they provide the best color rendering index (CRI) on the market.

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Incandescent Bulbs, Lighting to Suit Different Lighting Needs

Incandescent bulbs, known for their warm and cozy glow, come in a variety of styles to suit different lighting needs. General Lighting Service (GLS) bulbs are the standard incandescents for everyday illumination. Plain Candle Bulbs offer a classic, elegant shape perfect for chandeliers.

Fancy Round Lights add a touch of style to decorative fixtures, infusing spaces with charm. Infrared Reflector Heat Lamps emit heat and are commonly used in outdoor or industrial applications, whereas Infrared QIR Heat Lamps offer a more focused and efficient source of warmth.

See further bellow, other types of Incandescent lighting such as Reflector lamps for directional lighting making them suitable for spotlighting. Crown Silver Lamps have a silvered tip for reduced glare and an attractive appearance. For outdoor applications, PAR38 lamps are versatile for both flood and spotlighting applications. We also have in our online store Rangehood lamps, Pilot Lights, Tubular lights come in various lengths. Oven and microwave lights provide illumination in cooking appliances while Miniature lamps are tiny and used in a range of applications.
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