LED Highbay and Warehouse Lighting

What level of lighting do you need?

Different industrial spaces have different lighting requirements depending on the space type and how it’s used. Are you lighting a processing facility with many factory workers that require a high level of light to see? Or are things mostly automated? Are you lighting a warehouse where lighting helps workers see where they need to stack pallets?

The needed level of illumination will depend on both the size of the area, the height of the ceiling, and how active the area will be for employees.

We’ve created a table below to help give you a reference of how bright (or luminous) your chosen lights should be.


Space Type

Suggested Lumen for Lamp                               

Manufacturing: Employees needing to see details and undertake complicated tasks.

15,000 + Lumen

Manufacturing: Employees needing to see general details.

10,000 Lumen

Warehouse: Inactive storage area that is rarely accessed -

5,000 + Lumen

Warehouse: Active loading area where employees are using machinery

10,000 Lumen


Generally, anything which requires your employees to read small writing or concentrate on small objects will require a higher level of lumen. This ensures they won’t suffer from eyestrain, increases productivity, and also increases the safety of your industrial facility.

Corn Lights:

Corn lights are the retrofit replacement for old HID systems such as metal halides and high-pressure sodium lamps.

These ‘corn-shaped’ lamps are a power-saving LED alternative to traditional bulbs. Coming in a range of lumens, sizes and voltages, there’s sure to be one that will fit your needs. 


Replacing your old HID bulbs with these will still require some rewiring, however you will be able to keep the same reflector setup as your traditional highbay’s, and once done it will be as simple as getting a new corn light should one (rarely) fail.

Like all LEDs, they are energy saving, environmentally friendly, and long life – up to 50,000 hours, although you may find some brands are lower in lumen than your traditional lights.

Don’t worry too much, though, as explained in our LED blog, LED lumen will not degrade like older globes, so the later in life output will be better than what you’ve had previously.




Circular UFO LED Highbays:

Unlike corn lights, which replace the bulb, a UFO LED Highbay light is a direct switch out from your metal halide or other HID setup. Comparable in shape to a ‘UFO’, these lights have a wide beam angle and high lumen output. 


The fittings for your HID will be replaced with the new highbay, requiring more time to change out compared to a corn light. The wide angle of the light beam may not be suitable for aisles, and in changing from your metal halide setup, more consideration with have to be taken for placements.

If you don’t require a directional light, then the UFO option is a great way to reduce dark spots in your lighting.

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