High Intensity Discharge

High output lamps generally operating on a ballast (some self ballasted designs available) Lamps come in HPS, MV MH, CDM. The applications are sports lighting, theatre lamps, warehouse, street lighting, car parks, shop lighting to name a few. There are many different base (GES ES  BC (P)SFC G22, G38) and bulb designs available.

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High Intensity Discharge lights are the most efficient and cost-effective light source that can replace incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs. And because high intensity discharge lights emit a whiter, brighter light, they can increase productivity in any office environment. Our high intensity discharge light is available in different sizes and colors to suit your needs.


Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor and High Pressure Sodium Lighting

If a light can be so bright that it permanently damages the human eye, imagine the power of high intensity discharge lights. They emit tens of thousands of lumens and use up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting.  You can purchase a high intensity discharge light that uses 200 watts-equivalent and delivers 10,000 lumens of light! You have to make a right choice based on Wattige, bulb shape, pin position, base type, color temperature, lenght and etc.

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