Fluorescent Lights

Shop online for best range of Fluorescent Lights in Australia! Fluorescent lights are a type of energy-efficient lighting technology that produces light through the excitation of phosphor coatings by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They are widely used for various applications due to their efficiency and longevity. Fluorescent tubes are available in linear (T2,T5,T8) circular (T5, T9) and 2D. Some operate on iron core ballasts or electronic ballast. Many manufactures have a product range for example Philips (Alto), Osram (Lumilux), Sylvania (Luxline).

Fluorescent Tubes Tailored for Your Needs

Fluorescent tubes come in various types, each tailored to specific lighting needs. The T2 fluorescent tube light is compact and energy-efficient, suitable for smaller fixtures. T5 fluorescent tubes are known for their high efficiency and slim design, making them popular in commercial spaces. T8 fluorescent tube lights provide excellent illumination and come in various options, such as T8 Philips Alto and T8 Philips Colour 90 series, each offering specific lighting characteristics. T8 GE Polylux fluorescent tubes combine quality and performance. T12 Philips Rapid Start tubes are known for their reliability and quick activation. 2D fluorescent tube lights provide a unique flat, compact design suitable for ceiling fixtures, while T5 circular fluorescent tubes offer uniform illumination in round fixtures. T8-T9 circular fluorescent tube lights are versatile

LED technology has become a popular alternative to fluorescent lighting, offering even greater energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. LED tubes


Fluorescent Lights, Lamps, Bulbs and Fixtures

Fluorescent lights are very energy efficient (4 to 6 times) compared to incandescent light bulbs and last longer. For this reason, they're often used in areas with large electrical loads, such as warehouses and offices. Our range include circular fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights (CFL), starters, fittings, LED fluoro tubes

At LightOnline, we have a wide range of high-quality, low price, fluorescent lights from reputable brands like Philips, Osram, CLA, Sylvania, and many more.

If you can not find what you are looking for, Call us at (03) 9819 1777.

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